Lights camera action

I was with a customer in Romford yesterday who phoned me at an ungodly hour to ask me to change his backdoor lock. "No problem" i said . "i will be with you shortly" ( standard call!!) Upon arriving , i noticed that his wife was crying and the back door looked totally fine . The lock was a Union 212441E - BS Euro Cylinder Deadlock which by the usual back door locks was unusual but non too shabby .

I found out that they had just arrived home at half five in the morning to discover that they had been burgled . They were puzzled . There was no sign of a break in , all windows were intact , the back door and lock were intact , the front door was immaculate .What had happened ? The scary thing about it was their total lack of awareness of the large hole in their back door . The burglars work ? No , the dog flap , and as i later found out , no dog to go with it. They had a Labrador that had died four months previous but had neither replaced the pooch nor filled in the pooch sized hole in the back door .

Whats more , they had neglected to replace the bulb on the security light that overlooked the back door. I thought that this was asking for trouble by itself but I also discovered that they had failed to draw the downstairs curtains and blinds. I am not judging , we all make mistakes and they were young but sometimes you have to shake your head.