Summer security

It is that time of year again when the sun makes an appearance for longer than usual two minutes and things start to really grow , much to our delight. It is also a time when some of us pack our bags , switch off all the electrical appliances (except for the trusted fridge) and head away for that much needed break but are you forgetting something ?

Unfortunately for some of us , we can return to our castle and find that we have been the victims of domestic break ins. While the summer months are not regarded as the prime time for burglary due in part to the extra daylight , it is prudent to still take some precautions.

An overgrown garden can be a sign of an unoccupied abode and may also provide some extra cover for the opportunistic thief . It is good practice to tend to the weeds , trim those hedges and give the lawn a bit of an extra trim before you go , if only for your peace of mind.

Are you advertising your empty home?